5 Quilt Design Software Programs to Try Update 05/2022

Have you wanted to make your own quilt patterns but don’t know where to start?

Or perhaps you’ve seen a quilt pattern that you like but think should be improved.

Did you know that you can buy and utilize software to make your own quilt designs and patterns?

Today, I’ll show you the finest quilt design software and go over five different quilting software options.

How Do You Make A Quilt On The Computer?

Most quilters, I believe, have attempted to create our own quilt using graph paper and colored pencils, but this limits our design options. So, how do these pattern designers pull it off? They’re almost certainly utilizing quilting software, and you can too.

Let’s say you want to incorporate a specific image into a quilt and you’re wondering, “How do I make a picture into a quilt pattern?”

Well, there is software that allows you to upload an image and then insert it into your quilt pattern with a few mouse clicks.

A quilt design program has a number of key advantages:

  • Make your own quilt designs.
  • Make your own block designs.
  • Before you start cutting into your fabric, look at a quilt that has been “completed.”
  • You have complete control over the size of your quilt pattern.
  • Take use of the limitless possibilities for what you can build.
  • Many of the tools include built-in blocks to simplify quilt design.

Quilt Design Software Review: 5 Excellent Options

Brother SAPVQ Preview Quilting Design Software

Brother is a well-known and well-respected sewing manufacturer, therefore it’s a no-brainer to believe that their quilt design software is up to par.

This software allows you to create whole quilt patterns and is suitable for both beginners and advanced quilters. I know we’d all like to find free quilt design software, but if you want a good program, you’ll have to spend some money.

This software is reasonably priced, and I believe it would be a good investment for individuals who desire to create their own blocks or quilts.


  • 150-block built-in block library
  • Fabric selections include a variety of colors and fabrics, as well as the possibility to upload your own fabric stash.
  • Sizes range from a single block to a king-sized quilt.
  • Block piecing templates can be printed.

Software costs $99

Grace Quilter’s Creative Design Software

This software combines block, quilt, and pantograph design into one package. Stippling or overall spirals are examples of pantograph quilt stitching that can be found on many quilts. As a result, you might use this software to design your complete quilt project.

This is the most expensive software on my list, but it could be an excellent investment, particularly if you want to design your own patterns.


  • There are 200 built-in patterns.
  • Uploading photos and tracing them to make your own patterns
  • Patterns to print
  • Create your quilts from beginning to end.

Software costs $299.

EQ8 Mini by The Electric Quilt Company

You’ve probably came across The Electric Quilt Company if you’ve done any research on quilt design software. They’ve been around for a long time, developing software for both novice and advanced quilters. The EQ8 Mini is the company’s “test drive” version of the EQ8 software.

This program is a beginner-friendly version that includes all of the original EQ8’s amazing “basic” capabilities at a significantly lower price.

If you decide you want access to the full EQ8 program, you can upgrade your EQ8 Mini. The money you spend on EQ8 Mini goes toward the full EQ8 application, so upgrading will not cost you anything additional.


  • 300 blocks in a copyright-free block library
  • 8 border possibilities and 4 layout styles
  • The ability to print templates, design layouts, and estimate yardage
  • Tutorials on how to use the software are available online.

Software costs $89.95.

EQ8 by The Electric Quilt Company

EQ8 is the most recent version of the Electric Quilt design software, and it’s an excellent choice for individuals who wish to make their own quilts and quilt pieces.

I own this software and can attest from personal experience that it is incredibly user-friendly. They also have tutorials to assist you with the numerous things they provide.

You can use this tool to add photographs and incorporate them into your quilt pattern. You may even upload your own fabric to the design table to see exactly how your quilt project will turn out before you start.

I’ve had this software for approximately two years, and I’m still learning new quilting techniques. This is, in my opinion, the best quilt design program available.


  • Copyright-free block library with over 6,000 blocks
  • Block drafting table for applique and piecing
  • Images can be exported in five different file formats.
  • 10 different layout designs and 22 different border possibilities
  • Tutorials available online
  • Ability to upgrade for a fraction of the cost when the new edition is released
  • Ability to print templates, generate full-color layouts, and estimate yardage

Software costs $239.95 full pricing or $150 if upgrading from the EQ8 Mini.


Prequilt App

This program differs slightly from the others I’ve listed. It is essentially a subscription-based website rather than software that you download or install on your computer.

Prequiilt is a fantastic alternative because it allows you to design a quilt online from your phone, tablet, or computer. This site’s convenience is undeniable, yet because it’s subscription-based, you may unsubscribe at any moment.


  • Pattern makers can submit quilt patterns, and users can color them in with any colors and fabrics they like.
  • Fabric calculator: They provide this as a free service to assist you in determining how much yardage you will need for your next project.
  • Fabrics must be imported.
  • Make your quilt layouts and blocks.

The following are the subscription levels, prices, and benefits:

  • Free: Their free membership allows you to design only one quilt, but it’s a terrific chance to try out the site before paying for a subscription.
  • Under this level, you can design up to 50 quilts for $5 per month or $50 per year. If you’re not ready to share your quilt with the rest of the world just yet, you can import 250 of your own fabrics, store blocks, and make it “private.”
  • Market: $10 per month or $100 per year- You’ll get all the benefits of the Basic plan plus limitless quilt designs, imported fabrics, and the ability to turn your quilts into digital coloring pages for yourself and/or consumers.

I looked for quilting design apps for a long time but couldn’t discover any that I liked. Please feel free to mention any apps or free design software in the comments!

What is Your Favorite Quilt Design Software?

Quilt design is a lot of fun, and it’s great that there are so many options.

My personal favorite is the Electric Quilt Company’s EQ8, but I recommend trying out these five to see whether one is right for you.

Do you use quilting design software? What are your favorite features and which ones do you use? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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