Knitting and sewing are they the same thing? Is Crocheting More Simple? Update 08/2022

When we’re new to a hobby, we have a lot of questions on a regular basis, especially if we want to perfect it. When it comes to fiber arts, though, it seems as if we’ll never stop asking. They stimulate both our imagination and our curiosity. We’re here today because we understand how frustrating it […]

What Is Poplin Fabric? Cotton vs. Poplin vs. Twill (Full Guide) Update 08/2022

Fabrics have particular qualities that generate really unique features and aesthetics, regardless of how they are created. Your clothing gets more attractive and interesting as a result of those unique traits and looks. What exactly is poplin? Poplin was initially manufactured with silk fibers in a plain, tight, closed weave form with across ribs filled […]

Is it Possible to Varnish Fabric? How to Protect Fabric from Acrylic Paint Update 08/2022

Keeping works of art safe. Painting on cloth is referred to as “painting on fabric” by certain individuals. Once you’ve completed your work of art, you’ll want to save it for posterity and future archaeologists to study. The question is how to go about doing so. Is it possible to varnish fabric? Fabric can be […]

15 incredibly simple quilt blocks that will make you look like a pro Update 08/2022

Do you ever come across a quilt block and say to yourself, “Wow, that looks quite complicated!” I’m not sure I could make something like that.” What if I told you that simple quilt pieces could be used to make a variety of complicated-looking quilt patterns? Let’s go into the world of easy quilt patterns […]

15 Stunning Churn Dash Quilt Patterns + A Quick And Easy Churn Dash Quilt Block Tutorial Update 08/2022

The churn dash quilt pattern is a well-known and well-liked pattern. Monkey’s wrench, hens and chickens, love knot, and shoo fly have all been given to this block. The churn dash quilt block is a gorgeous design to add to your quilt block library, no matter what name you know it by. I’ll demonstrate how […]