15 incredibly simple quilt blocks that will make you look like a pro Update 05/2022

Do you ever come across a quilt block and say to yourself, “Wow, that looks quite complicated!” I’m not sure I could make something like that.”

What if I told you that simple quilt pieces could be used to make a variety of complicated-looking quilt patterns?

Let’s go into the world of easy quilt patterns that appear difficult today, and see how you can make these lovely, complex quilt patterns without getting a headache from following the directions.

What is the Easiest Quilt Pattern for a Beginner?

There may be some discussion about which quilt pattern is the easiest, but I believe most people would agree that a simple patchwork pattern is the easiest.

Cutting and assembling several identical squares into rows is about as simple as it gets. It’s also an excellent way for a novice to learn the fundamentals of quilting.

This sort of quilt pattern is most likely at the top of the results page if you search online for free, easy quilt patterns. If you’ve never quilted before, this is the pattern I’d suggest for dipping your toes into the lovely world of quilting.

What is the Most Difficult Quilt Pattern?

If there are basic quilt patterns, there must be a pattern that is really difficult, right? Honestly, this is a subjective question. For one quilter, the most challenging may not be as difficult for another.

I did some research on numerous different quilt sites since I couldn’t pick just one quilt pattern that is absolutely the most challenging.

I discovered some quilt patterns or styles that other quilters consider to be the most challenging.

The following are the three most common types of difficult quilt patterns:

1. Double Wedding Ring

Double Wedding Ring Quilt

This pattern is difficult not only because of the large number of components required to form these rings, but also because getting everything lined up correctly and generating those lovely curves may be difficult even for a seasoned quilter.

2. Cathedral Window

cathedral window

The cathedral window quilt pattern requires a completely different set of abilities, and it takes a lot of work and concentration to get those lovely windows just so.

This lovely pattern was perhaps the most frequently suggested complicated pattern on numerous forums, and I can see why.

3. Paper Piecing

Paper Piecing

Paper piecing is more of a quilting technique than a pattern. Some quilters adore it, while others avoid it at all costs. It all relies on your personal preferences and learning patience.

I’ve tried paper piecing before and failed miserably — but I’m determined to figure it out one of these days!

15 Easy Quilt Blocks That Look Difficult

I’ve compiled a list of 15 simple quilt block patterns that I hope will encourage you to investigate the quilt blocks more. They may appear difficult, but once broken down, they’re quite straightforward and manageable.

1. Fireworks Quilt Block

Fireworks Quilt Blocks

Although this pyrotechnics block has many components and makes lovely forms, it is composed entirely of squares, rectangles, and HST (half square triangle) blocks if you look closely.

2. Twisted Star Block

Twisted Star Block

How beautiful is this block’s movement? Another great example of a complex-looking block that is actually pretty simple when disassembled.

Even though the movement makes it appear more difficult to achieve, the entire block is constructed of rectangles and squares.

3. Wave Block

Wave Block

Although I previously stated that paper piecing is a more challenging technique to master, this is a basic design and a fantastic block to practice with.

The movement of this block, like the last one, makes it appear more complicated than it is.

4. Spring Garden Little Red Wagon Block

Spring Garden

If you want to show off your abilities with tiny pieces, this charming block is a great option. I understand that working with small pieces might be scary, but if you treat them like regular-sized pieces and press them well, you can create lovely blocks like this one.

5. Promise Rainbow Block

Promise Rainbow Block

Surprisingly, this block is created using regular machine piecing techniques rather than paper piecing. This rainbow would look great on many quilt tops and appears to be somewhat difficult to piece (but it isn’t).

6. Beach Sunset Block

Beach Sunset Block

This sunset block’s gorgeous angles appear complicated, right? However, if you look closely, you’ll notice that this block is made up of pieced strips, which are rather easy to make. Using several color variants for this block could help give the impression that it is far more complicated than it is.

7. Orange Windows Block

Orange Windows Block

If you’ve never done it before, the orange peel is a traditional block that can be scary. This block is appealing to the eye because to its beautiful curves and mid-century contemporary flair.

What’s the key to peeling oranges?

They’re appliqued onto a piece of fabric that’s been left blank! All you have to do now is cut them out and sew them together with your preferred stitch.

8. Easter Basket Block

Easter Basket

Another classic block with a great impact is the Easter Basket block. The tilted angle of the basket construction may appear laborious, but with the image above, you can see that the block is merely squares and HST.

9. Moda Love Block

Moda Love Block

This block is a creative spin on a classic star block that can be made in a variety of ways depending on the fabrics you use. It may appear to take a lot of time, but it’s built entirely of squares, rectangles, and HSTs, much like numerous other blocks on this list.

10. Annie’s Star Block

Annie's Start Block

This quilt block is a beautiful example of a foundational quilt block that appears much more complicated than it is. This is a simple block to recreate for your next quilt project if you break the construction down into sections.

11. Female Doctor/ Nurse Block

Female Doctor/Nurse Block

Isn’t this a cute block? This small doctor/nurse appears to be difficult to make, yet it is a straightforward conventional piecing block.

This quilt would make a wonderful present for someone you know who works in medicine.

12. Bow or Ribbon Block

Bow or Ribbon Block

A quilt top with the ribbon block would be stunning. The varied squares and HST arrangement provide movement to the ribbon ties and can appear confusing at first.

The outline of the many pieces for this simple block can be seen in the image above.

13. Norm and Nanette Gnome Blocks

Norm and Nanette Gnome Blocks

I’m a big fan of Elizabeth Hartman’s patterns, and this one is another one of her lovely (and complex-looking) creations.

Her patterns are incredibly well written and easy to follow, making them rather straightforward to make despite their appearance.

14. Alphabet Blocks

Alphabet blocks

Have you ever wanted to add some typography to a quilt but thought it was too difficult to tackle? This pattern demonstrates how to make all of the lower and upper case letters of the alphabet.

Looking at the contour of the components, these blocks appear to be much more beginner-friendly than they appear.

15. Picking Petals Block


This block appears to have a lot going on at first glance, and it may appear more complex than other, simpler blocks. However, if you look at the block part by section, it’s a far simpler design than you might think.

This block, made solely of squares, rectangles, and HSTs, is a stunning illustration of how simple parts can be used to make a stunning design.

These simple quilt blocks can make you look like a pro.

Even if you’re a beginner, you may look like a pro and construct beautiful quilts with this collection of quilt blocks.

This is only a small sample of what can be done with basic quilting skills, great fabric, and a little imagination.

The next time you see a quilt block, the first thing that comes to mind is “Whoa!” Try to remember this post: “That’s way too difficult for me.”

Try to piece together the steps to make that “tough” quilt block for yourself.

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