15 Stunning Churn Dash Quilt Patterns + A Quick And Easy Churn Dash Quilt Block Tutorial Update 05/2022

The churn dash quilt pattern is a well-known and well-liked pattern.

Monkey’s wrench, hens and chickens, love knot, and shoo fly have all been given to this block.

The churn dash quilt block is a gorgeous design to add to your quilt block library, no matter what name you know it by.

I’ll demonstrate how to build this multifunctional block.

We’ll also look at some variants and examples of churn dash quilt blocks.

What Is a Churn Dash Quilt?

Let’s go over the history and background of the churn dash quilt before we get into the technique.

We don’t know when the block was first made or published, like other traditional quilt blocks, but it was first used by quilters in the early 1800s. The block was originally called “church dash” because the top perspective reminded people of a butter churn.

When young girls first learned to sew and quilt, this was one of the first blocks they were taught. This starter block is made up of simple blocks like HSTs (half square triangles) and rectangles.

How To Make a Churn Dash Quilt Block

The churn dash block is a basic quilt design that I would recommend every quilter to master, whether they are a novice or a seasoned pro. Let’s get started on making the basic churn dash quilt block with this guide!

How To Make a Churn Dash Quilt Block

Step 1: Select the fabric

Before using any of your more precious fabric for a first-time quilt block, I always recommend producing a practice block with scraps. Two complementary fabrics and a background cloth are required. Each fabric will require an eighth of a yard.

churn dash quilt pattern

Step 2: Cut the fabric

For one churn dash quilt block, you will need the following pieces cut:

Background fabric

  • 5- 4” squares
  • 4- 2 ¼”x 4” rectangles

Light fabric

  • 4- 2 ¼”x 4” rectangles

Dark fabric

  • 4- 4” squares
churn dash quilt pattern

Step 3: Sew the HST

Create HST (half square triangle) blocks with four 4″ squares from the background and dark fabric. Place the correct sides of one of each cloth together and draw a diagonal line from one corner to the next.

churn dash quilt pattern

Stitch along the line you drew.

churn dash quilt pattern

Trim the excess fabric, leaving a ¼” seam allowance.

churn dash quilt pattern

Press the seam towards the dark fabric.

churn dash quilt pattern

Repeat this step three more times to create four HST blocks. These are your corner pieces.

churn dash quilt pattern

Step 4: Sew the rectangle square blocks

Place right sides together rectangles of each background fabric and the light fabric. To make rectangle square blocks, sew down the long sides of the rectangles with a 14″ seam allowance.

churn dash quilt pattern

Press towards the darker fabric.

churn dash quilt pattern

Repeat this step three more times to make four rectangle square blocks.

churn dash quilt pattern

Step 5: Sew the block together

Layout your pieces to see the placement of each block.

churn dash quilt pattern

Sew the blocks together to make horizontal rows.

churn dash quilt pattern

Sew the rows together and press your beautiful churn dash block! The finished size of the block is 11”x11”.

churn dash quilt pattern

Churn Dash Quilt Pattern Round-Up: 15 Dazzling Designs

This block is easy to make, as you can see from the tutorial, and it’s used in a variety of quilt styles. This collection of quilt examples demonstrates the versatility of this quilt block.

1. The Cheeky Churn Dash Quilt

1. The Cheeky Churn Dash Quilt

This quilt pattern is a great example of a traditional design with a contemporary twist. The churn dash block is given new life by using these current, vibrant colors and HST. This pattern comes in three sizes: a tiny quilt, a cushion, and a huge quilt measuring 81″ square.

3. Rainbow Churn Dash Quilt

3. Rainbow Churn Dash Quilt

This quilt has a lovely haphazard quality to it. This quilt top’s creator employed rainbow colors to make the churn dash pattern stand out against the white background.

3. Churn Dash Court Quilt Pattern

3. Churn Dash Court Quilt Pattern

This is an excellent alternative if you want precut-friendly quilt patterns. This pattern has a great patchwork style and uses jellyroll precuts (2 12″ x WOF strips). This pattern will allow you to build a 36″ square mini quilt.

4. Nested Churn Dash

4. Nested Churn Dash

Three churn dash patterns are “nested” inside one another to improve this plain block. If you have a pile of scraps and don’t know what to do with them, this is a great scrap-busting tip. You can use this block as part of a sampler quilt or to build a full quilt top out of it.

5. Churn Dash with a Heart

5. Churn Dash with a Heart

These four blocks are really cute. These churn dash blocks all have one thing in common: they look fantastic scruffy. This designer used bright colors against a white background with a beautiful grey polka dot motif.

6. Double Dash

6. Double Dash

This is a new take on the classic churn dash quilt block. The designer created a checkerboard look by alternating every other block with a white churn dash and a white background. The tutorial will show you how to produce churn dash quilt blocks that are 12″ or 15″ in size.

7. Churn Dash + Nine Patch

7. Churn Dash + Nine Patch

A wonderful combo of churn dash and nine patch blocks may be found here. This quilt has a lot of movement because to the ombre effect with the colors. This quilt top would be a great project for a novice.

8. Liberated Churn Dash Tutorial

8. Liberated Churn Dash Tutorial

This is an abstract version of the classic churn dash block. You can make two sizes of the liberated churn dash block using this pattern, or you can make a quilt top with just one size. This article will walk you through the process of making these fun blocks step by step.

9. Half Dash Quilt Pattern

9. Half Dash Quilt Pattern

The traditional churn dash block is used in this quilt pattern, but with a twist. Each block is divided in half, with each side utilizing a different fabric. Another great beginner-friendly quilt pattern that would be perfect for someone who has a lot of beautiful fabric scraps or precuts.

10. Fall Dash Quilt Pattern

Fall Dash Quilt Pattern

The Fall Dash quilt pattern is a charming design with leaves and pumpkins in the center of each block. It also has sashing between each block to make each one stand out on its own. This pattern will teach you how to make a 53 12″ by 68 12″ quilt.

11. Modern Churn Dash Quilt

Modern Churn Dash Quilt

Three different-sized churn dash blocks are strewn over the quilt top in this pattern. This quilt was created with vibrant blues, greens, and pinks, and the varied fabrics give it a patchwork aspect.

12. Hattie Quilt Pattern

Hattie Quilt Pattern

Isn’t this a lovely cottage type quilt? This quilt stands out in a crowd thanks to its skillfully designed pattern and vibrant colours. This pattern will guide you through the process of making a 68″x90″ quilt top.

13. Charm Pack Churn Dash Quilt Pattern

Charm Pack Churn Dash Quilt Pattern

This is a lovely patchwork style pattern. This pattern can be used to construct a huge quilt top like the one shown above, or individual blocks can be used to make pillows. There are three alternative quilt size layouts to pick from in this pattern.

14. Wonky Churn Dash Quilt Block Pattern

Wonky Churn Dash Quilt Block Pattern

This quilt block template will show you how to build a fun, wonky churn dash block step by step. This block would be ideal for a Halloween quilt or any other whimsical theme. Each block is 7″ square when done.

15. Free Churn Dash Quilt Pattern and Tutorial

Free Churn Dash Quilt Pattern and Tutorial
The churn dash quilt block is included in a free pattern by Andy from Bright Corner. This free design includes fabric needs as well as step-by-step instructions for sewing this beginner-friendly quilt.
The quilt will be 59″x68″ when finished, the perfect size for a throw quilt.
That’s all there is to it! We should learn how to manufacture and use the classic, adaptable churn dash quilt block into our quilt designs. I hope this tutorial and collection of patterns has sparked your interest in learning and mastering this important quilt block.

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